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The Principle of Chims-Therapy: Chimsband and Chimswear

Reactive oxygen species, which are necessary elements for the body, can be harmful when they are produced excessively. It is similar with doing physical exercise, which can be beneficial to the body when it is done appropriately; if one exercises excessively disregarding the condition of the body, one may get injuries from exercising.

When muscles are tense or infected, these parts of the body generate reactive oxygen species. From the parts of the body where the reactive oxygen species are produced from, a minimal amount of light (around 1/1000 of the regular visible light) called biophoton is generated.

Research finds that this light is generated not only in injured spots but also from acupoint and trigger point (the acupoint of the western medicine), where acupuncture can be applied to, and this light is effective for healing the illness (Popp-germany, Inava-Japan, So Kwang Sub-Korea).

It has been reported that this minimal amount of light or electricity is used to conjugate fractured bones or treat burns. In other words, though minimal, the light generated from one’s own body is proved to be more effective than externally applied electricity or light for a healing purpose.

Chimsband was at first invented to get an effective result of treatment by putting silver and other materials onto tapes and apply to acupoint, trigger point or other parts that have pain. In other words, Chimsband is a treatment that uses silver and other materials as a tool to reflect the light or electricity from the body back to the body. The characteristics of the light constantly shift its shape and wavelength depending on the condition of the body. Chimsband, which can immediately correspond to these ever-changing characteristics, penetrates deeply into the body, multiplied by the effect of mutual resonance. This principle is also applied in the use of far-infrared radiation, in which it cannot penetrate more than 1 mm of the skin, but it can penetrate into the deep parts of the body. When sensory nerves are stimulated effectively, neurotransmitters are discharged in balance, thereby maximizing the treatment of neurotransmitters.

The use of external stimulation, i.e. electricity, laser, magnetic instruments and others, could be dangerous because the nature of the external light is different from the one from one’s own body. This type of light cannot be adopted as deeply as the natural light from one’s body could be. The effectiveness of using one’s own light is analogous to the effectiveness of using one’s own body as a source for transplantation of stem cells, bones, and skin parts. The body can adapt most naturally to the self-generated light than to other external sources of treatment.


Dr. Hwa-Soo Hwang and other physicians in Korea have published several researches that report the use of Chimsband. < A novel Taping Therapy for Chronic Insomnia: A report on Two Cases> has been published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine (CTIM), and <Chronic Depression Treated Successfully with Novel Taping Therapy: a New Approach to the Treatment of Depression> has been published in Journal: Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment.'


Other than the two papers above, other case studies have been presented on treating pain, colitis due to hypersensitivity, dry mouth, indigestion, abdominal pain, palpation, urinary disorder, and other diseases in international conferences. Nearly 3,000 medical institutes have used Chimsband over the past 10 years. Currently, Chimsband is registered as a medical appliance, approved by Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). In addition, Chimsband is designated as a clinical technology of excellence by Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM), a nationally supported research center for oriental medicine.


In terms of using Chimsband, one must identify the location of the pain by pressing with fingers (especially the thumb) and rub the area. Apply Chimsband in a way that the location of pain as well as surrounding area is covered. If you cannot locate the exact area of where pain is, it is possible that the pain might be dormant. In this case, cover the entire area near where you experience the pain.


*If you know acupoints and trigger points, you can apply to acupoint or trigger point directly for effective results.


* Chimsband is safe to use for children, pregnant women, people who cannot take drugs. It also brings quick results


* Change Chimsband once a day. You can keep it while taking a shower.


*Chimswear is made for people who have difficulties using Chimsband as mentioned in the following: if one is unsure of how to use Chimsband, if one has sensitive skin and thereby has allergic reactions to Chimsband, if one’s skin is hairy, if it takes too long to apply Chimsband as the area of pain is so large (i.e. depression or insomnia), if one uses Chimsband often, and if symptoms occur frequently.


For a more effective use of the principle of Chimsband, Dr. Hwang invented Chimswear. Followings are varying kinds of Chimswear that are available: Chims-scarf (rhinitis or tonsil pain); Chims-eye mask (dry eye syndrome, rhinitis); Chims-mask (pain T.M.J, tooth pain, gingivitis); Chims-shoulder-guard (shoulder pain); Chims-vest (sleeping disorder and other neurotic symptoms); Chims-elbow-guard (pain in the tennis-elbow and other parts of the elbow), and chims-leg guard (restless leg); Chims-pillowear (poll pain).


All products of Chimswear are washable, and can be used as long as the product is not damaged. 

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