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1. Is the treatment/therapy safe to use?

When the body has illness, corresponding parts, identifiable by acupuncture point, trigger point or merdian point, project a minimal amount of light (around 1/1000 of the visible light). This level of light cannot harm the body. The treatment/therapy has received confirmation as a medical product by the KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) after being put through various tests including the measure on the safety.

2. Is it true that the product would stop working when the body returns to a normal status?

This level of light is emitted from the body only when the body produces reactive oxygen species in the time of sickness. Once the body cures, reactive oxygen species dissipate, and thereby the light disappears. In other words, when neurotransmitters are properly balanced, the body emits no more light for being reflected back into the body as a curing agent. Once the body returns to a normal status, the product only functions to maintain the status quo. For instance, in case of insomnia, being cured means the patient would have retained normal hours for sleeping, not sleep longer than needed. In the case of depression, one’s innately introvertive character, for instance, remains even after depression is treated. Also, in the case of colitis due to hypersensitivity, the process of curing will halt once the symptom of diarrhea stops.


3. Who should avoid or be cautious of the treatment?

Chimsband can be used nearly by everyone including pregnant women, children, and people who cannot take drugs or have implemented electronic or metallic device in their body.

However, one should be cautious in following cases: if one has physical wounds (scratch) on parts where Chimsband needs to be applied or if one has a sensitive skin. I highly recommend these people, who have difficulties using Chimsband, use Chimswear, which will not aggravate the skin as it can be worn and taken off easily.


4. Can Chimsband be used along with other medical treatments?

Chimsband can be used as a patient is simultaneously being treated with other means such as physical therapy, drug intake, injections or other alternative remedies. It can also be used when the patient has other symptoms than the one for which the product is applied. For instance, a patient with rhinitis and knee pain can use the product to treat both symptoms.


5. Chimsband is said to be used ‘semi-permanently.’ What do you mean?

It is important to understand that Chimsband or Chimswear does not produce any source of light or energy for treating illness. Chimsband or Chimswear simply reflects back the self-generated light, which occurs only when the body has illness. Therefore, the product never “wears out” in a sense that other conventional medical products might: Once purchased, the product works as long as it is kept undamaged.


6. I don’t understand how “withdrawal” or “rebound” works.

Treatment with Chimsband has a goal of balancing neurotransmitters, which have similar characteristics as drugs. If one’s body were habituated to the use of drugs for a long time, her body would have certain reactions when she stops taking drugs. Likewise, there might be withdrawal or rebound of symptoms temporarily in the process for the body of returning to normal status. In Oriental medicine, this withdrawal/rebound is called “Myung-Hyun.” When Myung-hyun occurs, it is said that the root of the illness is eradicated.

Withdrawal/rebound means the body may experience reappearance of symptoms from the past. This usually manifests in form of bodily pain (without fever) or more worsened version of current symptom(s).

During the treatment, almost every patient who is recovering will experience withdrawal/rebound. However, once neurotransmitters are re-balanced, the patient will almost immediately experience a significant improvement of the condition of the body. In general, the period of withdrawal/rebound lasts for around 10 days, but it may be longer for patients who have had the illness for a long time. At times, withdrawal/rebound occurs over 2-3 times, in which then withdrawal/rebound tends to be milder.


7. How shall I deal with withdrawal/rebound?

Such reactions, which can be quite intense, usually last for 7-10 days before disappearing. The reactions can be treated either with analgesic drugs or Chimsband. Applying Chimsband will significantly subdue the pain. For instance, if one experiences withdrawal/rebound while wearing Chims-vest, the person can apply Chimsband to parts of the body where there is pain.


8. Once I recover completely, can others use the used product?

Yes, the product can be re-used by different people.


9. How long does it take to treat diseases?

In the case of insomnia, it takes 2 months on average. In case of depression, essential tremor, the treatment takes 3-4 months.

It should be noted that the period of treatment might be shortened or delayed depending on the condition of body and mind of patients. For instance, if a patient is going through difficult situations in life, i.e. bankruptcy, divorce, loss of beloved people or others, the treatment may take longer than it usually does. Women with post-menstrual symptom may also experience a delayed period of treatment.

In general, if one is underweight or has severe health issues, the treatment tends to be not as effective and takes a longer time than usual.


10. I am currently taking drugs that treat neurosis. Can I stop taking these drugs right away if I feel that the product is effective?

Insomnia or depression takes 2-3 months to be treated; however, it is expected that the treatment is accompanied by a gradual process of reducing the amount of intake of drugs depending on one’s condition. Stopping to take drugs all of a sudden may cause problems, especially if she has had the disease for an extended period of time. It is recommended to gradually reduce the amount of drugs over time as the symptom improves.


11. I have doubts about the wide range of diseases for which the product is claimed to be effective. It sounds like a “cure-for-all.”

The purpose of the treatment, as mentioned above, is to restore balance amongst neurotransmitters. This means the treatment applies to diseases which are caused by the imbalance of neurotransmitters.

As Chimsband/Chimsband treats neurosis – i.e. sleeping disorder, depression, panic disorder and fibromyalgia – the condition of body significantly improves, thereby naturally treating other diseases that were not originally aimed to be treated by Chimsband/Chimswear. Chimsband and all products of Chimswear, which are in varying forms such as vest, eye patch, wrist-pad, and others, can be used simultaneously to treat different symptoms at a time.

12. What is the rate of effectiveness of Chimsband?

The most important factor is the environment in which the patient is situated. If the patient does not have a lot of stress and is relatively healthy, the rate of effectiveness is nearly 100%. If the patient is under a lot of stress or if the patient’s body condition is severely weak, the treatment might take a longer period of time. Or, instead of recovering completely, the patient might experience some improvement of symptoms. For instance, if a patient with depression, depending on her condition, might be cured completely or might need to take drugs, but less frequently.

13. How can I get treated with Chimsband?

[Chimsband for residents in Korea]

- After diagnosed, apply Chimsband to chest and back areas.

- Patients can visit the clinic on a daily basis for treatment or can do alone at home.

- If patients choose to do at home, they can order Chimsband to be delivered to their houses.


[How to purchase Chimswear]

- After diagnosed, customize the Chimswear, which takes 1 week to be made.

- Or email height, weight and measurement of the bust (in cm).

- The vest will be made once the payment is received

- After placing order, patients can receive the product via EMS or Fedex (free delivery)


14. How do I get refunded?

If you have not experienced any improvement after 2 months of using the product, you could request for a refund.

You can mail the product after notifying the clinic with your decision to get refunded. Make sure to include the bank account number of the receiver. 70% of the price will be refunded after confirming the arrival of the product. The clinic is not responsible for the delivery fee of the refunded product.


15.       Can I wear Chims-vest all day long?

Yes. It is most convenient to wear while sleeping. However, if symptoms are severe or occur frequently, patients may wear the product at all times. To maximize the effectiveness of wearing the product, it is recommended to take off the vest for 30 minutes every 2-3 hours. Frequent switching between wearing and taking off increases the effectiveness of Chimswear.

16. How do I wash Chimswear?

The recommended way is to soak it in lukewarm water (between 60 and 80 degrees in Celcius) with neutral detergent and wash by hands. Be careful not to wash too vigorously as you might lose substances on the product that are effective for treatment. You can use a dryer for drying. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade if you are not using a dryer.

For any questions about Chimsband/Chimswear, please contact the clinic.,

82-595-7075, 82-595-8075

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