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Psychiatry diseases

* Heavy sensation on the chest and insomnia

The case: 63 year-old female

She had had heavy sensation on the chest and insomnia for more than 30 years. She suffered the pain regardless of moving. I attached Chimsband to the chest and gave it to her to use it at home. But she wanted to use supporter as she thought it was hard to attach Chimsband herself. She came back to me 15 days later and looked much comfortable. She said the pain was gone and slept well. But this time, she had shoulder pain. I examined her to find out the chest pain slightly remained. So I attached Chimsband. She said that on the first day of treatment, the pain even got severe and saliva didn뭪 secrete enough. I explained that the symptom that she had experienced was "Rebounding effect," which is often seen during the process of Sangbit Therapy. I completed my treatment. (Chims-sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic) 

*Heart palpitations (racing), anxiety, nausea, heaviness, panic disorder and insomnia

The case: 48 year-old male

He had symptoms of panic disorder like heart palpitations (racing), anxiety, nausea, heaviness and insomnia. He had agonized over his job for the past several months and showed symptoms mentioned above. The symptoms seemed to have been developed by his timid personality typically seen in the So-Eum type and failing to adapt the surrounding situations. I applied Eight Constitution Acupuncture treatment, prescribed herbal medicine, and attached Chimsband to tender points in palpitation-inducing point and the chest once in every two days. The next day, his symptoms like heart racing, anxiety and insomnia improved gradually, but he still suffered from anxiety. On the 14 days of treatment, the symptoms enormously improved and on the 15th day, he didn't complain of any symptoms. He got treatment at 2 days interval. Chimsband therapy was greatly effective to treat heart palpitation. (Dae-Sun Oriental Medicine Clinic) 

* Decrease in concentration 

The case: a teenage boy.

Just before the national college entrance examination, he and his mother came to the clinic to get herbal medicine for good memory and concentration. He complained of heart racing and decrease in memory and concentration. I attached type C Chimsband to his chest. The next day, he came back to get his medicine and wanted to buy more Chimsband to use at home. He said that after attaching bandage, he could concentrate well and felt comfortable on the chest. Over 20 days before the exam, his mother bought more bandage as he used up the Chimsband and complained again of heart beating. He attached it until the exam. (Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic) 

* Examinees experience increase in concentration

The case: a third grade high school student

With the entrance exam days away, he complained of heaviness in the head and decrease in concentration. He felt intense pain in the right sternocleidomastoid muscle and mastoid process behind the ears. I attached type B Chimsband to mastoid process and type C Chimsband on sternocleidomastoid muscle. The next day he was happy as he felt the improvement of the concentration power as if he were absorbed into the books. Then, he visited twice a week for attaching bandage. I wished he does his best on the exam. 

(Kang Jun-hyek Oriental Medicine Clinic) 

* 20-year long insomnia 

The case: 76 year-old female

The patient had suffered from insomnia for more than 20 years. She took sleeping pill from the on-set of the insomnia, but couldn't fall asleep. In addition, although she fell asleep, she woke up 30 minutes later. As I checked her I found she had pain all over the chest. As it was difficult to attach Chimsband to her chest, I recommended her to put a supporter. However, the symptoms didn't disappear after one week. I treated her lower back pain for 20 days and she finally fell into deep sleep for around two hours. While she got lower back pain treatment for two months she could sleep for more than 3 hours a day and had little trouble falling asleep. Furthermore, with a good sleep, she didn't feel any fatigue in the morning. I vividly remembered the patient as I treated her for a long time.(Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic) 

* Even doctor surprised at the effectiveness of the bandage

The case: 54 year-old female

She had suffered from insomnia for more than 20 years. Although she took sleeping pills she could sleep for just one hour. After I attached Chimsband to her chest, her pulse rate lowered from 120 per minute to 78 per minute in just 10 minutes. She felt being calm. I was also surprised at the effectiveness. It seems that the Chimsband therapy is better to treat insomnia than any other medical therapy. (Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic)

* Getting sleepy even after 12 hours of sleep (hypersomnia)

The case: 52 year-old female

She visited my clinic for treating her lower back pain. She felt groggy even she slept for more than 12 hours. I recommended she should put Sangbit supporter on the chest as she lived far from the clinic. She came to the clinic every week for her lower back pain treatment. She said that after wearing the supporter she didn't feel sleepy any more. The next week she came back to me and said the same effectiveness.

The next a couple of weeks, she told me that she didn't feel fatigue in the morning although she slept less hours.(Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic)

* Severe depression with fatigue

The case: 45 year-old male

He had suffered from depression for 7 years. He quitted his job due to his depression. I could guess by the look in his eyes his depression was in critical condition. He also had rhinitis, heavy sensation on his chest and complained of severe fatigue. Worse more, he couldn뭪 sleep without taking sleeping pills. As I checked him, I found out that he had pain most of the chest areas. I attached Chimsband to his chest to make him sleep well. For three days he had a sound sleep but he didn뭪 stop taking pills. Then, two days later, he had a good sleep without pills and felt no fatigue in the morning. With 7-day long treatment, his depression improved a lot and his face regained his color. With one month of treatment, he could completely stop taking depression pills. About two month later, he came back to me and appreciate for treatment. He returned to normal life and looked for a new job. (Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic)

* Tender points on the back

The patient had suffered from depression for 10 years. Her symptoms were getting worse and her husband forced her to stop taking medicine. I attached Chimsband to tender points on the chest, but she felt more severe pain in the left side of the chest. When I pressed the area, she felt intense pain. After I attached Chimsband on the left chest, she felt more comfortable and her pulse rate lowered from 84 per minute to 78 per minute. She also complained of pain in the back, so I attached Chimsband there and asked her to come back next day. The next day, her condition slightly improved but still she felt heavy sensation on the left chest. The next day, her symptom a little bit improved but she still had heavy feeling in the left side of her chest. As I checked her back, she felt pain in the left side of her back. I attached Chimsband to half of the back and asked her how she felt. She said she felt much comfortable.. It was the first time to confirm that patients with depression have trigger points on the back not theoretically but practically. (Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic)

*Suffered from head tremor for over 20 years

The case: 63 year-old male

He had suffered from head tremor for over 20 years. He had been to many hospitals only to hear from doctors that it was not curable as it was essential tremor. Even MRI scan that he had had twice found no symptoms. In particular, he shook his head more while he was talking to others. Except head tremor, he had pain in shoulders and the back of neck. He also complained of pain in the shoulders and the back of his neck. When I pressed the chest, he had intense pain in the middle of chest and below the clavicle bone. I attached Chimsband on the pain spots and tender points in the shoulders and back. He wanted to put on supporters, one for the chest and the other for the back. About three months later he came back to thank me and buy more supporters, adding that the symptoms of head tremor completely disappeared. He put on supporters in the underwear, chest and back.(Chims-Sangvit Oriental Medicine Clinic)

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